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Posted on November 01 2018

More than three-quarters of a century after our country gained independence, the urban Indian man finds himself in a vortex of change in the way society functions and interacts with him. Although this change is nearly not as big as the one where today's man is forced to interact with himself and what he feels inside. New styles of expression are emerging as the obsolete, society-defined roles for men dissolve rapidly. When the value of a man is no longer determined by his finances or social stature, how does his worth get measured?

 In this brave new world, a man's presence - his depth of awareness and expression is the most important yardstick that allows for a glimpse of his real appeal. There is a pervading sense of traditional powerlessness amongst some men that is a consequence of paying too high a price for "being a man" as societal rules demand and not being able to express freely enough.

 We, at The Strange Alchemy Project, consider it our mission to empower the urban man with enough arsenal to allow for free uninhibited expression in all its glorious forms, while getting empowered ourselves. In our assortment, you won't just find great fitting clothes and shoes. Along with an alchemical chance at a “lead to gold” kind of transformation, there's also an underlying rebellious streak of expression, freedom to break free from the mundane and an escape from routine in all our products.

 Go on. Metamorphose into a better YOU. Be the hand that writes the story. Your story.

 The Strange Alchemy Project.

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  • Perrin: November 05, 2020

    Brilliantly expressed.
    May your tribe grow!

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